Pastors Need Friends Too


Date: Thursday, October 24, 2019
Time: 10:00 am – Noon
Location: Riverside Community Church (2925 Devine St.)
Speaker: Elliot Grudem, Christ the King Presbyterian Church, Raleigh, NC


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About this event:

The most recent, thorough study on pastoral longevity found that a pastor’s friendships are of primary importance if he is to thrive and persevere in ministry. Yet most pastors, like most men in America, are lonely and find their list of friends and mentors is much shorter than they hoped it would be. Elliot Grudem has spent the last seven years helping pastors develop life-giving relationships that are essential. He will help us understand the importance and value of friendship as well as help us think through ways to build those relationships, which is more than just finding a few friends.
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About Elliot Grudem,

Elliot is the founder of the Leaders Collective, an organization he started to help pastors sustain fruitful ministry. He also serves as Assistant Pastor of Church Planting at Christ the King Presbyterian Church in Raleigh. He has served as director of the Acts 29 Network, a pastor at Vintage Church (Raleigh), a pastor at Mars Hill Church (Seattle), and senior minister at Christ the King Presbyterian Church (Raleigh), a church he replanted. He also worked for an urban ministry in New Orleans. He worked for a Fortune 100 company prior to seminary. He is the editor of Christian Beliefs, a book he completed with his father, Wayne and has been published in a variety of ministry-related journals and online blogs. Elliot holds degrees from Miami University (BA, History and English) and Reformed Theological Seminary (M.Div.). He and his wife Kacey have been married for over 24 years and have one daughter. They live in Raleigh.