Preaching the Whole Gospel for the Whole City


Date: Thursday, January 17, 2019
Time: 10:00 am – Noon
Location: Riverside Community Church (2925 Devine St.)
Speaker: Antony “Ant” Frederick, Pastor of Midtown Two Notch.



Preaching the Whole Gospel to the Whole City Handout

About this event:

Historically, majority black and majority white churches worship the same Jesus, but in different expressions. This is true of Latino and Asian churches as well. Our liturgical practices, energy levels, and expressiveness in worship differ according to not just our “hues in the pews,” but our particular tribe and culture. What may be harder to notice is that our traditions and tribes also greatly influence which aspects of the Gospel we emphasize the most, and if we aren’t careful the breadth of our Gospel proclamation can be determined more by our culture and our tribe than by the Word of God! The good news is we can learn from each other and become more faithful to both the Gospel of Jesus Christ AND those to whom we preach.


About Antony “Ant” Frederick:

Ant is the lead pastor of Midtown Two Notch, in Columbia, SC.  His church has been meeting for the last 4 years off of Two Notch Rd.  He is blessed with a wonderful wife named Hannah and two young boys.