Women and Ministry

Date: Wednesday, February 26, 2019
Time: 10:00 am – Noon
Location: Riverside Community Church (2925 Devine St.)
Speaker: James Walden, Riverside Community Church, Columbia, SC


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About this event:

The evangelical church is divided on the important question of women and ministry.

Whether it is egalitarianism vs. complementarianism, or what’s been called “narrow” vs. “broad” or “minimal” vs. “maximal” complementarianism, or whether there is a third “post-complementarian” option.  Even where evangelicals agree point by point in theory, they can still divide over practice and application.

What are we to make of this divide?  Is it a gospel issue?  If not, it is undeniably a critical one, directly affecting more than half of our congregations, and in truth, profoundly impacting the entire church and its mission.  We simply can’t avoid it.

So how do we navigate this divide – for ourselves, for our churches, and in our relationship with others who differ from our conclusions?  How can we move forward in unity for the gospel’s advance?



About James Walden,

James Walden graduated with a Master of Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL in 2001. After many years of faithful ministry at Creekside Community Church in Gainesville, FL, God opened a door to plant a church in partnership with EFCA churches in Columbia, SC.  Riverside Community Church was planted and held their first public services in the fall of 2009.  James serves as the area coordinator for Acts 29 South Carolina and leads the Carolina Greenhouse.  He is married to Stacy and has three boys, Luke, Wil, and Timothy.